Research services

We apply genomics to advance amphibian conservation by addressing a variety of questions related to:  Taxonomy and conservation units; Connectivity; Evolutionary potential and climate change; Genetic variation and effective population size; Inbreeding depression and genetic rescue; Disease dynamics; Genetic monitoring; and Macrogenetics

Our research is supported by grants, contracts, and agreements with a variety of federal agencies and foundations (including the National Science Foundation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Bureau of Land Management, US Geological Survey, US Forest Service, and US National Park Service), state fish and wildlife agencies (including the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Nevada Department of Wildlife, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife), NGOs (for example, The Nature Conservancy), as well as from donations.

We are excited to continue building and expanding our partnerships to guide amphibian conservation with genomic research.

Please contact Chris Funk to discuss your information needs and rates.

Consulting services

We are happy to consult governmental, NGO, and private partners on how best to use genomic results to help develop amphibian management plans and conservation actions, such as: Prioritization of populations and habitat for conservation; Genetic rescue, assisted gene flow, recolonization; Habitat restoration; Disease mitigation; Managing for climate change resilience; and Captive breeding.

Please contact Chris Funk to discuss consulting needs and rates.